Rob’s been Quartet’s President & CEO since 2002. Prior to that he sold yachts in Japan, built a company in Kyrgyzstan, taught at Western, published a textbook and funded companies in Canada, Australia and Kenya. His background includes stints at Nortel and PWC, a Western HBA, and an MBA from Japan. The MBA was done in Japanese on full scholarship and took 5 years to complete.

As an IT industry leader, Rob’s non-technical perspectives are unique. Forthright and engaging, he uses stories, diagrams, math and humor to communicate. A top-rated speaker and lecturer, Rob revels at the chance to pontificate.


Quartet provides IT services to mid-sized companies. It is SOC2 certified, has 40 staff in downtown Toronto and has clients across North America. Services include server & network management, security operations and user support.

Consulting and project management are also available. Most clients are under 200 seats, although specialty services are provided to IBM, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, WIPRO, Thales and others.

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Presidents’ Roundtables are a great way to learn. I host informal dinners with Presidents and CEO’s to discuss IT with their peers. I facilitate and bring in experts as required. Each meeting includes a short case study (often from a participant) and a discussion over dinner.

Topics include anything IT that we decide on as a group. Sales automation, CRM use, cyber security and data analytics have been suggested so far. Meetings are confidential and are a great way to learn from peers while having fun.

Our next Roundtable will be in April, but the date isn’t set yet.
Contact me if you’d like to join us and/or have a topic to discuss.

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